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Things A Bride Needs On Her Wedding Day

For most girls, the wedding day is one of the biggest days of their life. Every Indian bride dreams of this day and wants it to be perfect. Perfection can be achieved only if we pay detail to the small things. Just like things needed on the big day! We often get so busy in the other nits and grits of the wedding preparation that we forget about the small yet essential things.

To ensure that everything goes smoothly on the big day, we have curated a list of things you should carry with you on your wedding day. Not to mention, everyone is busy on the day (even your bridesmaid!), and nobody can run back and forth to get you the things you forgot to carry.

To carry all of these things, you can get a bridal bag. In this way, you can find everything in one place at once! Now let's find out what these things are-

1. A Comfortable Pair of Shoes

You would not be wearing those 5-inch heels the whole day. At least we hope not. If you have to wear those heels for an extended period of time, your feet will hurt, and the excitement of the big day will be all gone for you. That's why a couple of comfortable shoes should be carried. Except for the key ceremonies and photo sessions, you can wear comfortable shoes. Also, we think all of us have noticed that sneakers and lehengas are the new trends! Place your comfort above fashion and enjoy your wedding day!

2. Headache Medicines

Don't worry; it's not that your husband is already giving you headaches! All the chaos of the day can make your headache too. Headaches are the worst, and you definitely do not want them ruining your day of dreams. Indian brides have to sit for long hours for makeup, pose in front of cameras for so long, and oh! How can we forget - fake smile at all the people you've never seen before in your life! All of this is more than enough to give you a headache! So make sure to carry your headache medicines!

3. Snacks

Let's all agree that the wait for the baraat is too long. Even after the groom arrives, it is still a long way to go before you can begin with the ceremonies. It is evident that you can get hungry. As a result, we recommend that you bring some snacks with you. It could be a snicker or a full-course meal, and it's up to you! During the wedding preparation, order them, and then don't forget to add them to your bridal bag!

4. A Straw

Do you want your lipstick to get ruined? No, right? This is why you should carry a straw with you. Sipping on water or any other drink while getting your makeup done is pretty good. Even if you are at the wedding venue and are sitting down to eat, after all of the ceremonies, you can use a straw. Trust us; no bride wants to ruin the lip makeup!

5. Mints

Wedding day is a long day! You will be meeting so many people on that day. Having some mints not only keeps your breath fresh but also helps you feel fresh. As said earlier, your wedding day can be exhausting, but you will still need to look as fresh as the sun! We're not telling you to keep chewing on the stage! That would not be a great experience, but yes, you can chew some mints during makeup and travel time.

6. Safety Pins/Hair Pins

No amount of safety pins or hairpins are enough. Mainly, safety pins will help you set your wedding dress and its other elements in place because you keep on losing them. When it comes to hairpins, even if your hairstyle has been made nicely by the hairdresser, it can still get messed up after some time. These hairpins will then be helpful. You can use small hair pins to put all those baby hairs flying in place.

7. Your Makeup Kit

Although if you have hired a makeup artist, you would still need to carry your own makeup kit. There are various reasons for doing so. One of the reasons could be that some of the products that your makeup artist uses may not be what you want on your face. The products you have in your makeup kit are anyways your holy grail, and using your trusted products for your big day makes you feel risk-free.

8. Toothbrush/Toothpaste

If you are staying in a hotel or a destination wedding, it is evident that you will be brushing your teeth the following day when you wake up. In that case, make sure to carry your toothbrush and toothpaste. It is one of the essential things, but don't we often forget it?

9. Makeup Remover

After all the wedding ceremonies are over, you would require to remove your makeup! You ought to strip your makeup gently so that you can actually get a full night's sleep. You obviously cannot run here and there in the middle of the night searching for a makeup remover. Make sure to put it in your bridal bag before the big day!

And that was it for our list of essential things that you should be carrying on your wedding day! Make sure to follow this so that you don't spend your wedding day in panic and stress.

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