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The Maharashtrian Bride

Traditions, beliefs, and rituals play an essential role in Maharashtrian society. Their religious views are profoundly ingrained in their hearts. This is also apparent in their marriages. The ceremonies are taken very seriously and are conducted religiously. This is why, after so many shifts in people's lives, brides and grooms continue to wear traditional Maharashtrian attire to their weddings. Even after so many years, the Maharashtrian marriage remains the same. The dresses of the groom and bride have also not changed over the years.

The Attire

On her wedding day, a typical Maharashtrian bride wears a green Paithani nine-yard saree. The color green represents fertility and is thought to be very optimistic for the bride. Paithani sarees are well-known silk sarees woven with Maharashtra's hands and are mostly embroidered with pure gold threads. The sari border and pallu are embellished with distinctive motifs such as peacocks, mangoes, lotus, and coconuts.

Paithani saree originated in the Paithan district of Maharashtra. It is said to be woven in either Kanjeevaram or Benaras silk. These days the brides have started experimenting a bit with their looks. Brides can be seen changing their draping styles and color coordinating their outfits with the groom.

There is another type of saree worn by the bride called the "Nauvari" saree. As the name implies, this sari is 9 yards long; nau means "nine." It is usually draped in a trouser-like fashion. The Nauvari sari is an ancient custom in which Maharashtrian women wore it around their legs to represent themselves as equal to men. It's also an effortless way to wear a sari. The Nauvari sari is also appropriate for weddings.

The Jewellery

The Marathi bride looks beautiful with the pearl-stringed Mundavlya wrapped over her forehead, the traditional nath on her nose, the multilayered jondhali haar on her front, and the patlya and bangdya adorning her delicate wrists! Here are the things that a Maharashtrian bride wears on her wedding day-

1. Mundavalya

The bride and groom wear a red and white beaded ribbon over their foreheads as a decoration at their wedding ceremony. On either side of the forehead, two beaded strings fall, making them look like a perfect Maharashtrian couple.

2. Chaplahaar

Chaplahaar is a one-of-a-kind experience. It's a long, lovely necklace with fantastic designs. It is said that the necklace can touch a woman's heart because of its length. The ornament is said to have the ability to manipulate and elicit feelings and emotions in the bride. In the Maratha tradition, it is, therefore, a sign of devotion. The bride may wear this particular ornament on a variety of holidays and festivals in addition to weddings.

3. Laxmihaar

Laxmihaar is another amulet, but this one has a distinct appearance. This necklace has hanging gold coins with Goddess Lakshmi's image etched on them. It is believed that if a bride wears this necklace, she will be blessed with Sattvik waves, which will carry her positive spiritual feelings.

4. Ganthan

Prior to the wedding rites, the bride should not wear this. The groom places this piece of jewelry around the bride's neck during the Lajahome ceremony. This decoration consists of a string of black beads and a thali. This is a sign of the couple's passion, confidence, empathy, and sacrifice. This ornament often signifies a woman's marital status.

5. Marathi Nath

We're all familiar with the typical Marathi Nath that brides wear. The Marathi Nath is a beautiful decoration studded with pearls, beads, and precious stones, unlike the circular nose rings commonly seen. It is a crucial component of a Maharashtrian woman's wedding dress.

Some Tips And Tricks To Become The Perfect Maharashtrian Bride

1. Hairstyle

A traditional Maharashtrian bride's hairstyle is an Ambada, a tidy and straightforward bun that looks regal without a doubt. So, we recommend that you go along with the classic hairstyle. To add a bit of your style, try a braided or crimped hair bun, which will look perfect with your Maharashtra dress while also adding a sense of quirk to your distinctive look. Apart from this, we would not suggest trying a completely different hairstyle as it breaks the look

2. Makeup

The type and color of your saree will determine your makeup. If you're wearing a heavily embroidered saree with ornate jewelry, you can keep your makeup to a minimum. You should go for a dewy and natural beauty look because all Maharashtrian weddings are usually in the day and dewy and natural looks are suitable for the day. However, if the rest of your face is kept plain, you might opt for darker colors and bold eye shadow. We would suggest getting the advice of a professional on this.

3. Footwear

Kolhapuri Chappals are the famous Maharashtrian bridal footwear. However, times have changed now, and many brides have started wearing heels with their sarees. You can do so, too, if it compliments your look. Make sure to choose comfortable heels so that you can easily stand for all the ceremonies and you don't have any pains after the wedding is over!

Now we can say that you know everything about a typical Maharashtrian bride! Maharashtrian weddings are full of rich culture and divine ceremonies. If this was helpful for you, our mission has been accomplished!

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